dinsdag 12 januari 2016

Classic Lego Build: Harry Potter The Final Duel

In today`s build, I`m going for a classic `yellow head` Harry Potter set, and one I`m planning to build a large display with somewhere during the year.

Now, these old sets, used complete, are easily affordable compared to the later waves sets, and this one tends to go around 15 euro on BrickLink these days.

Which is reasonable for a 2 minifigure, 50 part set from 2001 and from a very popular franchise.  Add to that the Quirrell minifigure which is unique to this set, and you understand he makes up almost half of the value of the set itself.

Another cool gimmick in the set is the mirror, which uses the good old holographic technique to change the image depending the angle you look at it, and which hides the Philosopher`s Stone behind it just like in the movie.

The build is based on one of the thick grey baseplates, to which we add this mirror and then put the pillars next to it.

These are then connected to the backwall using arched elements, and which then is equalled out with the use of grey inverted slope elements.

We put on the sand green tower point and add some more details like torches and a spiderweb to complete the building itself.

And the final set completed:

This is actually a pretty nifty little set, with some great gimmicks and a very cool Voldemort / Quirrell figure, recommended and especially for the price it only costs!

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