zondag 17 januari 2016

The Haul Report #12

I kept it really simple this week, I did... kind off... okay, not really.

But at least I tried lol, and didn`t went on a wild shopping spree.

I started the week by accepting a parcel from the Lego S&H, as the sales where in full swing and I managed to obtain some small sets for the 7 month old.  Kind off being sure that he will go further down the road to the Brick Side after the large box I gave him for Christmas of the even larger then Duplo bricks.

That the Mixels where on sale was a nice bonus, and the Star Wars sets where there for two reasons.  The Droid Carrier for it`s tan elements, and the Microfighter for the Snap minifigure only, I kind of like the actor Greg Grunberg.

The tossed in Poe`s polybag was a nice bonus for exchange endeavours in the future.

Talking exchanges, through my Facebook friends I managed to exchange my Beast Boy minifigure from the now sorted out Jokerland for the cool Harry Potter from the The Graveyard Duel set, a nifty figure with the name and all printed on the back as he appeared during the Tri-Wizard tournament.

So all in all, I rather kept it modest, don`t you agree :-)

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