woensdag 27 januari 2016

MOC: The Quinnsville Commerce House

My latest piece for the Brethren of the Brick Seas, this will be a `Commerce building - small 16x16` when I get the 25 doubloons needed to register it... and the land where the city of Quinnsville will be founded is sorted out.

The house is the location anyone wanting to do trade with in the city will be registring their enterprise, and serves as the place of contact for the MAESTRO Trade Company in the new land, where Lewin Daggenholl keeps the city and company charters for the mayor.

While his wife will serve the waiting traders a refreshing drink, his only worry at times is where his up to no good daughter Harley is hanging out again.  Ever since she stated she wanted to become a circus performer instead of a lady befitting her stature as daughter of one of the most influential man on the island, his mood has been terrible.  Even the kitty he bought her, Batsey, is more trouble then it`s worth... oh, the "joys" of puberity.

The building is made on a 16x16 baseplate, sharing the same cobblestone style as the foundry earlier and a warehouse I once build for GOH (my `Store phase 3').  The store has been recycled to go into the Quinnsville layout I hope to start on very soon, as both side beaches for the modular are already completed, but need to be `equipped` still with build on them.  That way, when the initial three plates are locked together, it becomes one long connecting road, great for adding consistency to the whole city.

Of course, the building flies all the main colours, from left to right the Quinnsville flag, the MAESTRO trade company flagg and the Corrington royal flag.

Hope you like it!

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