zondag 10 januari 2016

Black Sails season 2

Spurred on by the Brethren of the Seas Lego build rpg and the advent of the new season coming in just a few weeks, I benched through the second season of Black Sails at last.

I always loved the series, rating it higher then for example Game of Thrones, which deviates to much to the fleshy parts of late it seems, and like the intrigue of maneuvring of this series more in a The Sopranos style of storytelling.

In this second season, the main arc of season 1, being the triangle between Flynt, Vane and Guthrie is pushed more to the background without actually going away.  It keeps influencing the characters, and I particularly have taken a liking to Captain Vane.  When he takes care of the problems Eleanor has with the new big bad guy, Ned Lowe, he proposes a solution where Ned can`t really wrap his head round (pun intended).  Yet somehow, he manages to be pointed out the bad guy.

Flynt in the meantime has returned without the Urca gold, and Silver leaks this information to the `madame of the Inn`, causing her to get Jack Rakham, who started a life now as a captain himself, and his companion (okay, after the necessary troubles) Anne Bonny to retrieve it.

But those are just sidestories in the bigger game of this season.  We learn more of the past of Flynt, who he really was, why he came ot Nassau and what his exact connection is with Miranda Hamilton.  And it isn`t what everyone expected at all, even I was flabbergasted when I saw the resolution of the storyline from his past.  Great writing work there!

He reprises his crusade to bring Nassau back in line, but when caught in Charlestown, Miranda is murdered and he re-ignites with his darker inner side, turning back from a crusader to a pirate more and more. Which the Carolina`s will pay the price for!

So after enjoying another 10 fantastic episodes (okay, 9, one was clearly worse then the others, the `hinge episode` in which one storyline has wrapped and the second one needs to be installed), it`s only a two week wait now until season 3 launches.

Which will bring with it the most legendary pirate of them all, Edward Teach!

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