maandag 11 januari 2016

Inspirational Lego # 52

Time for another selection of MOC`s that caught my eye, as we start another week of shennanigans.

And for this week, I hope I can please you all with another varied selection.

We kick it off with The Birdcage, a great build making use of the Chima birdheads.

Talking heads, this Bionicle mask is a bit special... in that it can actually be worn!

This classic space build is pretty cool, having all sorts of top designs for spaceships.

A fantastic looking egyptian parade is the next great build in this weekly oversight.  If you realise just how big a lego elephant is, you can see the sheer massiveness of the build.

These japanese sci-fi vessels, based on battleship Yamato, are really stunners from last Shiptember.  And it comes with an escort vessel and all.

Remember those watergames on the fair where you needed to race your camel forward?  This Star wars version mimics the idea pretty neatly

A great looking Batman build, with an even far more impressive backdrop build.

I love this moc of a toyroom, as so many toys from my youth are recognisable.  Tomy robots.  Optimus and Bumblebee.  A viewmaster.  Even a GI Joe Snowcat!

This buddha statue is a great execution, including the panda`s in front.

The final build is this nativity scene, with working mechanics making all the levels spin around.

And thus ends another run along the great works out there, see you back for more next week!

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