zondag 3 januari 2016

The Haul Report #10: seems like half a library...

The first Haul report of 2016, and this time it is one with a LOT of great goodies I found and received the past week.

With the combination of a Canterbury sales trip, some good trades through Facebook, and a Lego order coming in, the stack of bricks and goods has grown nicely again, so let`s have a look now won`t we...

I started the week by doing the (nearly always for the past 15+ years) annual mom / son trip to Canterbury, and being the monday after Christmas, the sales had started.

On the Lego front, I found all these goodies at ridicilous prices:

But the easier access to Doctor Who related merchandise also meant I found quite a few of those for a few pounds as well:

Apart from that, I also found these two books, the toy book being a great guide to the `hot or not` of current day vintage jungle

Right at the last day of the new year, some Lego trades came in as well, mostly minifigures for a Star Wars moc I`m building, and some `good` polybags to trade further onwards in the future, especcially the three on the left.

I also received a small order from the UK of Lego polybags I found through a Facebook group, at 2 GBP per bag, a real nice deal.

Lego send me my order of the new goods as well, and there was a nice suprise included.  A `Thank You for shopping` card and a free Winter Soldier complementary polybag.

The final thing is this great roll of kitchen towel paper the nephews got me for christmas.  People can smother and dirty what they want, this roll is not opening!
I expect that the coming weeks the hauls will be dwindling down quite a bit, as I`m first going to be trying to trade off the excess action figures I have from last year to clear out some shelves, and will be focussing on sorting out bricks and completing some MOC projects first.

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