zaterdag 2 januari 2016

Brethren of the Brick Seas

Two weeks ago, a new roleplaying game, in the lines of Guilds of Historica and Andromeda`s Gates has started on Eurobricks.

Brethren of the Brick Seas, or BoBS for short, is set in the Age of Sail, and grants builders the posibilities to colonise new shores and start building gorgeous sailing ships.

I have an intrest in playing this, but I probably won`t be getting myself involved to `deeply` with the Economic Game System (or EGS for short) as I have a lot of other things to build first as well, but it does seem to be a nice `something else` for once in a while, and get some use for all those ship hulls and masts I have.

The story will be centered around 3 seafaring nations:

The Empire of Eslandola is a nation known for their merchants and wealth, and their main colour is green and gold.  Which is also the reason I won`t be joining them for sure, green is already at a premium in Mitgardia after all and I want to do some more varied things.

The Empire of Orleon, taking many inspirations from the French of the age, are the `Bluecoats` from the Pirates line.  Sporting as such the mainly blue colourscheme, they where a target as I only own bluecoats and no redcoats.  But their backstory of a heavy religion influence is not my thing.

The Empire of Corrington is more my taste then.  These black and red colourscheme sporting nation is based on the British, and the `Redcoats` from Lego.  But I have been concocting a story for my sigfigure to sail round this (pun intended), and I hope to be able to present a figure and intro build by friday.

The final faction isn`t a nation, but the classical pirates, the Sea Rats.  They are my `second choice`, and it was at first a selection perhaps best suited to my figure and element collection as literally `anything goes` for them.  And there is Black Sails to have a lot of inspiration from as well.

But it is going to be the Empire of Corrington, so watch this blog to find out more of the character story I have been developing for it, and think about the EGS.


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