woensdag 27 januari 2016

Star Wars Character Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded

From the DK Publishing series comes this most recent version of the Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia.

Now expanded and updated with the figures that appeared over the last years, and even including some of the 2015 range already (but  NO episode 7), it`s another nifty book.

Written in the same style of most Encyclopedia`s, the book contains information about certain parts used within the series, including unique ones within the range or even within the whole Lego assortment.

It`s an enjoyable light reading, and one of those books you just want for completeness sake.  This time, the book is divided in the chapters where the figure appeared in, including the expanded `Legends` material like the Old Republic videogame.  And it is quite funny to see how some figures have evolved (usually for the better) over the years.

The limited edition figure is of course also included, and this time we got a white Boba Fett, based on the original concept art of where he was a `super Stormtrooper`.

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