woensdag 20 januari 2016

WIP: The Quinnsville beach and... dino`s

Well, as I`m waiting for the timeline figures to arrive, I`ve been tinkering away on some other projects.

One of the `big ones` I have planned for 2016 is my own settlement in Brethren of the Brick Seas, and I`m planning on building it modular, to allow easier transportation.

Tp that end, the village will initially be build on a 48 by 48, and then expanded as time progresses to a true Age of Sail port.  For the sides of the project, two beaches will be build, and these will over time be expanded with actual builds and scenery on them, which I hope will be completed by the Wetteren convention.

One beach will be featuring a sort of Black Sails camp for pirates, but in my setting will become a market place, while the other will be the place where hopefully a fort will be build on.  It might be possible those won`t be exactly build within the rules, but I can wait to register them until much later when bigger builds are `accessible` for the game.

The base of these where a 32 by 32 plate each, with a 16 by 32 added to make them as long as the big `bley` plates.  Technic pins will be used to connect the modules to each other.

Tomorrow, I hope to complete all the blue studs for the water...

In a build that has been finished in the meantime, I also have introduced the Quinnsville flag, based on the `logo` of Harley Quinn, the city`s founder inspiration.

Another build I have been making progress on is aimed for the summer `geeky` conventions, with the second of my Jurassic World displays, the Dilophosaurus set one. 

The fences have been erected, and the next time I sit down for it this week, I`m going to try and finish the `gyroball trail` as well as the security doors for the paddock itself.

Now, the only thing remaining is to make some pictures of two builds for BoBS that are finished, and they will be revealed all in due time :-)

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