zaterdag 23 januari 2016

Thunderbirds are Go

And so the second half of the first season comes to an end, and it was a series I loved every second off.

A follow up annex reboot of the classic 60s series by Gary Anderson, the new style Thunderbirds capture the feel of the classic, while being made with modern day technology.

A mixture between models and CGI, WETA Workshop (yep, those guys from the The Lord of the Rings trilogy) have outdone themselves again. 

While the story in the second half focusses more on the The Hood then on regular, loose rescues as the first half, International Rescue gets confronted with a secret during the last three episodes, as Kaio comes more to the front (the in the pilot created Thunderbird S finally comes into action) and her ties with the illustrious criminal are more and more getting known.

This results in an epic finale, in which we even get to see all 5 Thunderbirds launch from Tracy Island (and the age old question is answered, TB5 is indeed in a geometric orbit with the island), and also leaves us with a cliffhanger, as it was already confirmed after the first half of the season that a series 2 WILL be made.

And of course, all the serious business gets intermingled with some filler episodes that help in lighting the mood and keep it a great show, like the one where Alan is learning to drive by the hands of Parker...

So, now we can wait in anticipation for the new series when it comes out, FAB!

Thunderbirds are GO!!!!

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