dinsdag 26 januari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 10225 UCS R2-D2

This set was definitly one of my Holy Grails, and it came with a story on the why I missed it.

I was in the Lego store last year with the nephews, and they had one of them in the racks.  I wanted it, Humpty wanted it, I was gallant, deciding to pop in with the next delivery.  Which never came as it got retired soon after.

Luckily, this year someone at BeLUG wanted to part with his copy, and I could get it under the BL price, so at Brick Mania Antwerp I received my beloved astromech droid at last and the day after... it was build hehehe.

The body is made up from combinations of white `circles`, layered upon each other.

In between those, there are the elements from the Technic range, which will serve to attach the legs, and the tools hidden inside his body.

The sides are then gradually build up, including the connecting pieces at the top where the legs will be hinged on.

The doors at the front of the body are then installed, and they can open and close to hide / show the small buzzsaw and his data pin.

To that end, the middle section is build up next.  Upon this, the tools are added and swung inside the bodywork.

The next part of the build is the esthetics as we install the front panels of the main body, and the opening panels above this.

The central underleg is then installed.  This uses a large technic construction running up all the way into the bodywork, to be able to `adapt` to the angle the main legs are placed at.

On top of this part of Technic, the `spine` is added which will allow the head later on to rotate left and right, all the way round.

We then put the actual leg in place by clicking it inside with a `saw` like element.

Building in mirrorstyle, apart from a small plate, the legs are then build and attached to the side of the body.

Sidepanels are added to this, as are the `pistons` on the top of the feet.

Those feet are both constructed and attached to the legs then, allowing us to pose R2 upright now.

Small interior legpieces are then added and connected with ribbed tubing.

(Note from the writer: that`s my GF`s Hogwarts seen here, as she was building it at that time)

The head is then build using a similar circle technique as we started the body with. By making the rings smaller and smaller, we create a dome effect.

The final thing we have to do is put the plate with the decal, and minifig R2-D2 with the build, and the set stands completed:

It`s a great model, and proudly standing on my desk for display.  Because face it, who wouldn`t love this cute face?

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