zondag 3 januari 2016

Lego Build: 76011 Batman Man-Bat Attack

A second set I bought last june to enter the Batpod draw, this was a bit of a `it`s cheap` set I got.

At first look, I thought it okay because of Man-Bat and his arms up torso, but the other things didn`t get me overtly excited though.

Opening the box, we get two bags of parts, the instructions booklet, a comic and a small sticker sheet I won`t be using.

The first figures we recieve are said Man-Bat with the handy torso, and a black suited Batman.  I like these `generic` Batman models better then all the special case suits you tend to get with the various sets.

The Batcopter is based on a 4x10 black plate, because Batman only builds in black and very, very dark grey of course.

The `pilot cup` is then build up next, using an assortment of slopes. 

This is sealed off first with a yellow 4x4 and then slopes are added to give the front is sleek look.

The central engine compartment is then build, where afterwards the various `sections` of the helicopter are added together.

We add the canopy piece, and the first bag is now completed.

The second bag gives us the Nightwing minifigure.

We continue building up the central part with the engine.

On the underside, we add the landing gear of the copter, as well as a searchlight in the front of the copter.

As the engine pods are added, we also do the winch at the back.

A long tail part is then added with a cool fin at the back.

The main rotor is then assembled and added to the top of the heli, completing this machine.

Now, there is also a second, small build in the set, and one I`m not to fond of at all.  Nightwings personal glider, which starts with a red curved plate as it`s basis

While the backside looks okay as we build up the engines and exhausts, and with some small grappling hooks...

... the underside is utter beurrgh.  The thing can`t decently stand up, so you almost have to bend Dick double to be able to more or less pose it due to the weigth at the back.

Of course, we got some additional pieces

And the full set completed:

This wasn`t the most waaaw set for me from the superhero line, even though the helicopter in itself is nifty looking and the Man-Bat especially, and other figures as well, are well done.  But there is something in the `overall` of this set, I can`t really put my finger on it, that just doesn`t excite me that much.

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