maandag 18 januari 2016

Pirates of the Carribean Zeeroverspel boardgame

A while ago, I scored this nifty looking game at the local auction house for 5 euro + calling costs, totalling 6.20 euro for the game.

I gave it to the Smurf, and he had already a blast with it...

But past saturday, his mom had to go to the birthday party of her sister, so I found myself `Smurfsitting`, and challenged him to game.

Okay, so first I had to correct him on some rule interpretations, as exchange X for Y doesn`t mean if you don`t have something of X, that doesn`t mean you can trade 0 for Y.

But after that, we where ready to go as BlackSmurf, scourge of Barbados, took on Lucky Tom Rakham, feared captain from Martinique.

The aim of the game is to find a good balance between your number of crew points and the loot you need to `secure`, until you manage to get 20 points.  To secure loot, you need three identical ones, and there usually aren`t that much on the board, so you need to brave Isla de la Muerta, which can get you lots of loot... or big troubles.

But in the end, due to some good timed boarding actions, I actually managed to secure three of the most expensive treasuries for 15 points, and needed to find a barrel of rum, the lowest at 2 points, for another triplet.  It came down to a running chase from BlackSmurf, but he came down 1 manouver of his ship to intercept my vessel, and I safely reached port to unload the final barrel and securing the 6 points, totalling 21 opposed to 0 that way and winning the game.

This 2006 game made by Parker is actually pretty layered, something I was amazed at considering it was a `mainstream` game and not a specialised, adult aimed boardgame.  I can imagine the intrigues going on when you play this with more then 2 players, and the loot is harder to come by unless one goes into combat with each other... which can be a tricky thing to do.

All in all, it was a great game and good fun!

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