donderdag 21 januari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 4704 Harry Potter Chamber of the Winged Keys

This 2001 set of 160+ pieces is the third one of the trinity I`ll be including into a display build this year, to chronicle the `finale` of the Philosopher`s Stone.

Now, while I wasn`t to wild about the Forbidden Corridor earlier this week, apart from Fluffy, this set detailing two more trials the heroes face is a lot cooler.

The set comes with three minifigures, being Harry, Ron and the Queen from the Chess game trial that Ron solves at grave risk.

Like more of the earlier Harry Potter `yellow` range, the basis for the set is the thick grey plate / brick thingies, connected by a hinge for playability.

We start building up the outline of the rooms first.

The small room on the left is the chess trial, and the first thing we do for this is use white and black tiles to place the chessboard.  A door leads to this room if you swivel the open.

Flaming torches and a creepy transparent spider are then added in the big room.  We build up the height then, and the spaces at the top is to include the keys.

One of the slots will hold the actual key to open the door to the chessroom, and these are fully interchangeable. 

The flying keys and their slots to go into the wall are the next part of the build we do.  They are then inserted into the room slots.

Including the needed key :-)

And so the full build stands completed:

And so all three the sets that will go together are completed, all in all I like the series of `yellow sets` even though a lot of people look down on them.  They are also really cheap for a Harry Potter license, compared to the later ones, so I`m definitly happy with this one.

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