zondag 17 januari 2016

Platinum: Ninjago - Shadow of Ronin

Ah, the latest game to platinum in the Lego collection, and for the moment the last one on the PS Vita I still had to do.

For some reason, the game was really hard to find here in Belgium, and only by chance did I obtain it through a used service on the local Game Mania storesite.  You see, I prefer physical games over downloads from the PS store, call me old fashioned.

The game handles the Ronin storyarc from the Ninjago cartoon, in which the mercenary, called *cough* Ronin, manages to steal the memories and dampen the powers of our heroes, putting them back at `day 1` unless they can retrieve their weapons.

Over 10 levels, each of 3 `sublevels`, you slowly regain these weapons and the brave ninja`s have to figure out a way to stop Ronin from destroying the plane of reality. 

The game is classical DS to Vita style, with short sublevels.  The good thing is, since recently you don`t have to start over if you die somewhere in a level. Another good thing is that there is no needless grind trophy in this one, as you don`t need to actually `buy` the things you unlock like characters and red bricks.  It is sufficient to only unlock those characters you`ll need for things like skeleton locks or acid paths, but even without a stud multiplier, you easily earn enough studs for those.

There are a few gold bricks that might be tricky to obtain and will require several replays of a level, but as soon as you obtain something in your free play runs, you can quit the level without losing any progress, no need to play them to the end.

And so the game can be put aside, and the Vita can relax for, well, about a week when the Marvel: Avengers games come out.

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