zaterdag 26 maart 2016

Black Sails season 3

Whatever you see written down here, forget everything.  Edward Teach, Blackbeard, has sailed in the story of Black Sails.

Another 10 episodes of cheer piratey goodness, the story really kicks off with the introduction of Blackbeard, and compared to Ned Lowe last year, you know he is going to have an impact.

Add to that the truly grand performance of Ray Stevenson as the character, and we are off.

The series begins as Flint gets hunted by Hornigold, now employed by the british, while Miss Guthrie returns to Nassau with the new british governor, Woods Rogers, and a sizeable british force.  The island swiftly falls... due to royal pardon`s which are taken by most.

Flint gets caught in a tempest and lands on an island inhabited by slaves, whom are actually servants of the king, Mr Scott.  While Scott arrives mortally wounded on the island, Blackbeard seeks to recruit Vane, whom he sees like a son, to rejoin his fleet.

When Flint wants to retake Nassau, and free Jack Rackham, he steals Vane back away from Teach, but the rescue goes sour and Vane gets hanged.  A choice he made himself for starting the resistance in Nassau.

In the meantime, the british forces attack the island of the slaves, but are defeated as Blackbeard sails his fleet in and defeats the anchored ships, while on land a rouse by Silver makes it happen the slave and pirate combined force can throw back the royalists.

It has been a fantastic season once again, with a Flint being haunted by the death of Miranda, with the audience saying farewell to Vane, Scott and Hornigold as the main names, and with a great introduction in two strong characters, and great actors portraying them, being Blackbeard and Rodgers.

The series has long been renewed already for a fourth season, and I for one can`t wait for it to start again... but that will be quite a while still though.

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