maandag 7 maart 2016

Inspirational Lego #60

Hello all, and here we are again with a selection of some very, very amazing things I`ve found on the internet lately.

These 10 builds are all `wow` in one way or the other, and I hope the selection is once more to your likings.

The first one is this amazing story that plays out on an openfolded book, literally bringing the story to life that way.  It`s full of gorgeous details, like the tree`s colours with the books hanging in it, or the pageholder hanging out at the bottom of the tome.

This scene from Age of Ultron is well represented, as the `twins` are still against better judgement serving the mighty Ultron.

This Star Wars The Force Awakens build well represents the mysterious Snoke, as he gives out his orders to Kylo.

A great Bionicle build can be seen next, with the Lady of Ice.  She has nice articulations and sleek lines, making this a truly elegant looking model.

Time for some cuteness, as this Chibi airplane comes racing in.

Before we move on to some more terrifying builds, as this greenhouse monster is attacking normal people.

This historical tri-plane has a lot of great lines and is pretty well executed!

Perhaps not so intricate as the previous picture, I really love this little vignette.  The snowy leaves, contrasted superbly by using the purple ones for the rest, add a great serenity to the setting.

SteamPunk remains a popular `niche` within Lego and this is one great looking motorbike for the setting.

And we end this week with these two `guest stars` from the The Simpsons cartoon, on route to conquer the earth!

Well, that`s it again for this week, hope you enjoyed looking at those builds as much as I did, and see you next time!

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