woensdag 16 maart 2016

Why AM I doing these free giveaway things now?

Now that is a good question, as some people already asked me why I don`t just sell those polybags or trade them around.

Well, the short answer is because those are bags given to me to start with.  Be they either promotions you get from buying in the Lego store, from video games, or even polybags you tend to get with the magazines (which I love to read anyways) or goodie bags at events like our BeLUG`s Brick Mania`s.

And then for me, it just feels "wrong" to snatch those polybags and try to make a small buck from it, especially those gifted for free by others.  There are enough gold-diggers and scalpers out there already, so I`m just giving them away to others, but with a twist doing it through YouTube video`s. 

And it`s fun to make those announcement and result video`s, and a great way to learn how the whole movie shabangigans work anyways.  My 'goal' is to add the occassional YouTube video to my Build Reports, and I still have a long moviemaking mountain to climb.  Heck, I don`t care if it looks like it`s made by an amateur actually, I AM an amateur but one who likes toying around with it.
I`m determined to do something with my YouTube account this year you see, like the occassional set review, all the while figuring out more and more areas of making those vid`s to upload, because, well, I find it just great fun. 

Of course, you don`t want to preach to the deaf in the desert, so that is why I`m trying to build up a small community, something I learned over at Brickagram (check my article on that here) that a good chat is worth a million bricks. 

It just doesn`t have to be about the money all the time. 

So for now I`m planning to do, or at least launch, at least one giveaway every month.  It will depend on what the `criteria` will be, but here is for example a preview of the ones that will be going to come in the near future:

Another added benefit of all this is that I`ll be able to give myself an excuse to buy set X or Y from the Lego store, and that might end me up with some polybags I`m not that wild about.  So instead of just tossing those aside, I`m making a bit of fun and games with them and give them away to one of the followers on my social media channels.

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