zondag 6 maart 2016

The Haul Report #19

Sometimes, you expect a week to go calm, and sometimes, like this one, you just feel it in your little toe that all the aprcels are going to collide at the same moment.

And that is just what happened, making it even look like halfway this week it was Christmas all over...

I had an Amazon order under way, as well as a Lego store one, and they both came within half an hour of each other, both packed in `the biggest box we could find`.

The Amazon one where these two sets from Minecraft, great brick selection and a large discount of 47% making the order basically Buy one, get one free.  I probably will be keeping the `free` one myself and put the other in my growing pile for contests I`m planning to run here.

The Lego Store order was mainly for the Dimensions set, but as the wedding couple and the duckies had already sold out in Wijnegem, I tossed some of them in my order as well.  I have two marrying couples this year, so this came right on time in their catalogues hehe.

Another really big parcel I received was through a Facebook group.  I had found a good deal on three of the older range Ultra Agents sets, the total price being about the price the large one goes for on Brick Link, basically getting the two smaller one for free.

The week had already started great before that, as my assistant, (aka M.O.M.) had found these awesome bags of elements in the local recycling shop.   It had amongst others 3 of the old green dragons, a heap of capes and flags from that range, and a lot of minifigs from the end of the 80s, early 90s castle range.

A few days later I went there myself and found some more...

I also picked up `some` dvd`s to watch while sitting down and sorting bricks, or build the modules for the second plate of Quinnsville that will be coming towards september.

Some loose Facebook trades and BrickLink orders also fell in the mailbox the past week, so yes, as you can see it has been a very, very busy week for the mailman ;-)

Wel, that`s the haul for this week, until next time, keep on bricking!

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