donderdag 17 maart 2016

Justice League Gods and Monster

One of the DC universe animated movies, Gods and Monsters, like the Flashpoint Paradox (still the best one of the series out there) goes from a "what if' concept.

In this alternate reality, the Justice League is a special `elimination` squad, with Superman, Wonder Woman and (vampire) Batman at it`s core.


In the dying moments of Krypton... Zod engraves his DNA pattern on the baby that would have become Superman instead of his father Jor`El.  Founds by mexicans, he grows up to become a superweapon that wants to unite the world under one banner... his.

But then various scientists get killed by strange creatures (Dr Palmer, Dr Fries, Dr Stone) with powers mimicing the Justice League`s.  While the League works to find out what is happening, we also get to learn more about these different versions of heroes we know.

The project, labelled Fair Play, turns out te be designed by Lex Luthor, in case the JL ever needed to be neutralised, and by using Kryptonian technology from the ship Superman arrived with on Earth years ago.  But as Superman and Wonder Woman battle for their very survival, batman finds out the hard truth.


Okay, so this is not the Flashpoint Paradox, but it is not that far removed from it either.  The alternate universe is pretty neat, and the different take on the main DC heroes is a welcome change.
And Superman`s trenchcoat look is rather spiffy ;-)
Yup, I enjoyed this film, even though I prefer the japanese drawing style still over the rougher ones used in these DC cartoon movies.

Rating: 7 / 10

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