woensdag 30 maart 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6805 Astro Dasher

In today`s classic build, we have a small but nice little vessel from the classic Space range, hailing all the way back to 1985.

Coming from the first Space waves, this is till a grey vehicle, though the astronaut now comes in blue, after the initial white, red and yellow variants.

Yup, that`s Benny`s progenitor!

The set itself is based on two round plates, with two support elements added to it for the wings.

A third one for the nose is then added, and everything is secured using a 2x4 plate.

The pilot seat is mounted on this underside.  Small headlights and it`s piloting handles are then added to the front of this seat.

More of the support elements, this time ending in transgreen studs, make up the tail section of the little dasher.

A `camera` is added at the front to serve (in my child`s mind back then) as the cannon of this flying chair, while an engine goes to the back of the seat.

And the full set stands completed:

While not the most elaborate of models at slightly over 20 pieces, this would have been a polybag set in current days.  But what a cool polybag would it have been :-)

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