maandag 14 maart 2016

Pimp My Portal: Welcome to Dale

Inspired by some of those awesome `rebuild` Dimensions portals, I decided I would be pimping my own as well.

And today, I finished my own, Welcome to Dale.

This build represents one of the overbuild gatehouses seen through the various alleys in Dale from The Hobbit.  A bit of a "drawback" is that it had to be build quite robust and not to high centered in weight, to prevent it toppling the toypad over of course, and to be able to insert figures easily in the central game slot.

I couldn`t resist inserting the `keystones` like on the normal portal, and of course X-PO needed to be included as well (though after testing it with the game, I had to have him switch sides, as I usually have the toypad to my left and I would keep bumping into him).

And here is the portal in full action:

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