vrijdag 4 maart 2016

Check This Out: Brickagram

Every once in a while, I tend to `lend` this little corner of the internet to turn your attention to another little corner on the internet, because that is what we hobbyists tend to do to help each other out and put some attention to each other.  It`s a small gesture in this big bad world of commercial websites.

And today, I`m turning the spotlight to a mate of mine, Phil.  Phil is the awesome guy from Manchester than runs the Brickagram community.

This community is centered mostly around his Twitch Gaming Streams, to be found at the bottom of the post.  In this, we can all have a nice chat while seeing Phil busy in the neverending quest of obtaining every gold brick there is in Lego Dimensions.  His racing skills in the game are as legendary as his co-host, Shoe Box.

Phil is also the guy that has inspired me to relaunch my YouTube channel and do some give aways and some raffles (in the future for that latter one).  You see, Brickagram often does these kind of things, like giving away a limited edition Brickagram minifig to one random commenter in a game stream, or a picture caption contest, those kinds of things. 

Currently, he is also hosting a raffle that will have the new Batcave as the price to be won, I believe he is about 70 pounds short still of target to hold the raffle, but those kinds of community things are a fun addition to a great chatroom.

The Brickagram community is centered not only around the Twitch channel, but also around the excellent Facebook group where you will find all the necessary information about stream times, contests, raffles, stop motion build videos, the likes.

So make sure you pop by in those streams and join the group, it is well worth the time, it`s a stream full of friendly bantering, and you can talk that greatest toy in the world: Lego.

Here are all the necessary links to join in with this awesome community one way or the other, on your social platform of choice:

Brickagram Twitch Game Stream

Brickagram YouTube channel

Brickagram Facebook group

But he can also be found on Instagram as #the_brickagramer and he has a great app for the group as well, more info about that one can be found HERE.

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