woensdag 23 maart 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6849 Satellite Patroller

In today`s classic build, we are going back to the era of Classic Space as it is nowadays known, with the Satellite Patroller.

This more then 30 year old set featured a landbased vehicle, which could launch a small satellite, probably for survey purposes as the bad guys hadn`t arrived yet back then.

The set comes with a yellow spaceman minifig, which over the years, due to influences of Star Trek TNG, have usually been considered the `engineers` of the old space range.

The vehicle is based around a hinged plate and four big wheels, to make it a manouverable little car.

The front part is the piloting area, while at the back we put down the platform for the satellite launcher.

That launcher comes with the necessary controls to program it`s mission.

The satellite itself is a pretty simple affair, basically a spaceplane engine with some antenna attached to it.  On top of this some small swivelling plates make sure it`s wing based sensory arrays can be changed of direction.

This is then placed on the back of the vehicle.

And the full set completed:

This was actually a rather nice set back then to `get` as you had, in hindsight, a nice selection of printed pieces with the arrow tiles, the computers and the printed front of the car, so I`m really glad I still had all the old bricks in my collection.

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