zondag 13 maart 2016

Comic Book Men

Okay, I have been watching this series on and off when I came across an episode, but now I finally have the first three seasons to watch... in sequence.

The series is one of the creations made when AMC back in 2011 went into the `scripted reality shows`, like Pawn Stars and the likes.

This one though is a great series for everyone who loves shows like Toy Hunters, as it is about a bunch of grown ups running a comic book store, that holy place geeks like me have spend many an hour in their youth.

The show is talked together by Kevin Smith (Silent Bob from the Jay and Silent Bob movies), who is also owner of the store, during his podcast with his friends Walt, Bryan, Ming and Mike.  The show follows the ins and outs of the store, and has some great jokes running through it (well, if you`re a geek at least).

The first season counted 6 episodes of 42 minutes each, while from season 2 onwards it was changed to a 16 episodes of 22 minutes format.

But those, I`ll be watching one of these days again hehe...

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