zondag 20 maart 2016

The Lego Movie - The Essential Guide

One of the Lego books I picked up past december in Canterbury, this 64 page book is a great companion to the well-loved AFOL animation film.

Okay, perhaps a bit a pity that he doesn`t come with a limited edition minifigure, but heck...

The book details the main characters in comical and colourfull pages, telling their parts in the story and the usual Lego `facts` we have gotten to know from these tomes.

It also includes particular scenes and builds and a bit of fluff around them, but for me the most intresting part where the final 4 pages.

First we get a bit of information what the characters are doing `post` The Lego Movie, followed by a Behind the Scenes feature on how the characters for the movie where developped and designed.

It`s not the biggest of Lego companion books, as it could only draw from a single movie, and a line that accompanied it, but I enjoyed the lighthearted approach of the book, fitting nicely with the tone of the film itself.  A decent addition to any Legobrary for sure.

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