dinsdag 15 maart 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6675 Road & Trail 4x4

Today`s build report is a pretty neat little set from the 1988 Town range, the monster truck.

Okay, officially called the Road & Trail 4x4, but for a 10 year old, that was a Monster Truck, in the best tradition of the MT shows given back then on Eurosport.

This small set also comes with a nifty little minifigure, sporting a sleeveless shirt with a red Monster Truck printed on it.

The build is based around those classic chassis pieces, in black.

The engine exhausts are added in the front part of the car, and the loading trunk gets a safety rail at the back.  It also comes with some nicely printed doors.

The whole cabin is then added.

We move to the underside of the truck, making an `extension` where the wheels will be coming.  These are attached to the bodywork using Technic axles, and is double wheeled at all 4 positions.

Some exhaust tubings are then added to the back of the machine as well to really make it roar!

And the full set completed:

While I never have been a Town / City guy, this was one truck I loved having as a child.  Blame the television for that, but it trashed and dashed over a lot of aliens almost 30 years ago ;-)

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