donderdag 3 maart 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6381 Motor Speedway

In today`s classic build, we haul back to a period when Lego seemed to put baseplates in about every bigger set, and that is the 6381, Motor Speedway.

Coming from the year 1987, this was a 185 piece set, and as noted, one of the parts was indeed a town baseplate with the start / finish line.

The set, which is the final meters of a Formula One race, came with 5 figures. 

The first things we are going to build are the two racecars themselves.  They follow the same pattern as the smaller F1 car set from that series, and I personally really like their looks.  They remind me a bit of the F3 cars from that era.

Apart from the blue car, we follow the same steps for a second, red car.  Because what F1 build would be complete without a red car ofc ;-)

The start / finish baseplate, where it will all begin with.

We start the build on the plate by lining out where the buildings will come, and the arch at the end of the piece of tarmac.

On one side of the track is a pitstop place, with sloped roof and all.

The commentary box and the camera are then assembled.

And actually... that is the full set completed:

The set *MIGHT* look big, but in the end it is a small and fast build to be honest, that does look the deal though.  I liked it, but that is probably because of my love for formula one.  And the benefit is that if you want this set, it`s easily available on BrickLink and not expensive at all, going at around 35 - 40 euro at the moment, not bad for something that looks good on a shelf if Town is your area of interest.

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