dinsdag 22 maart 2016

Doctor Who - Tales of Trenzalore

The 11th Doctor`s last stand

While The Doctor, using his last body as he had used up all his regenerations, retreated to the village of Christmas on the planet Trenzalore, all his enemies gathered above.

They couldn`t invade the village itself, guarded by a technology scanner from the Papal Mainframe, and a Truth Shield, they tried various rouses and infiltrations to get their hands on their biggest enemy.

For 900 years he defended the planet (and we all know how it ended with the Crack in Space).  This book, numbering slightly over 200 pages, tells some of those efforts to kill the Doctor once and for all.  It`s written by various authors, and contains four short stories of such failed efforts by the Ice Warriors, the Krynoids, the Autons and the Mara.

Though some of the stories `feel` a bit to short, they are enjoyable reads, and you will be blazing through the novel as all the stories are written in an addictive `tempo` to read just that one more chapter.

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