zondag 27 maart 2016

The Haul Report #22

Look, I didn`t buy anything!  But that doesn`t mean I didn`t get some additions to the stash...

The deal is, I`m going to be raiding the employee store in Billund in June, so I`m saving up the bucko`s at the moment, in order to magnify the budget by a factor of lots ;-)

But I did get this real gem from Hans at the general assembly last week, one of the numbered (3000 copies produced) The Hobbit Lego posters.

Now all I need to do is get myself a nice, fitting inside the interior, frame for it and it`ll go up on the wall.

We also received a nice little gift at the assembly, consisting of a bag of loose elements and two polybags from the collectible figures series.

The element bags where all random, and this is what was in mine:

While my two minifig bags yielded a rockin` Frankenstein and a ballerina :-)

And that`s it.  Nothing more, nothing less this week for me (though yeah yeah, some things are arriving the coming week, so next week, a new update ;-) )

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