zondag 13 maart 2016

The Haul Report #20

It has been a calm week, as most of the hauls this week have been the result of doing some trading around, and I`m really cutting back on insane shopping sprees.

Never the less, some really good thingies came into my possession...

The first one is this straggler.  This poor officer, which was part of a trade of figures I showed last week, arrived at last on monday after some miscommunications.  Part of a trade with someone I made a trade with to trade him with me, he has been going around some adresses before finding his way at last to Merksem city and join my ranks of marines.

The second thing I gained was this classic Castle set, which I traded through Facebook for my Star Wars Microfighters set, the Resistance X-Wing.  Far more `valuable` for me then a Star Wars box to re-use in MOC`s in the future.

The next one is a trade I did with a fellow LUG member.  I got the small fortress, as well as a bag of minifigures and another Rebel Runner ship.  The ship is without instrcutions, but I just wanted it for the hull parts, sails and the masts mainly to build another small vessel for Brethren of the Brick Seas.

The last haul was my shopping trip to the local Lego store past friday.  I had a couple of the Nexo Knight vouchers, some gift coupons and stuff, so I swooped in and grabbed a small Nexo set (to use the vouchers, and I love the figure), the smallest one of the new Elves range (for the chocolate bar) and two more Dimensions Fun packs, and in the end I paid basically for a single Fun Pack only.  Getting double points on the whole lot is an added benefit then as well.

All in all, a migthy fine grabbings this week for very few euro`s spend :-)

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