maandag 14 maart 2016

Inspirational Lego #61

Welcome to another weekly oversight of gorgeous eye candy found on the internet.

A selection of all ranges, I hope there is something you enjoy :-)

I start the week with this awesome tower, part of the Dark Isle Saga.  The hooked top and the clours in the round tower make it look great, and the base is fantastically covered.

Rebuilding theme`s in the colours of other theme`s is something often done in Lego, and this Paradiso set in Blacktron colours is great looking and sinister while coming from a `happy happy` theme with lots of pastels.

These are the droids you are looking for...

This spaceship has some nice curved lines.

The Lone Ranger movie and to a lesser degree the range wasn`t a success.  But in my opinion, the range has some real gems and this is a really cool vignette.

A great microfigure build showing a factory.

Metroid Prime, one of the great staples from Nintendo, and I just love the nostalgia coming from this build.

This alien fauna is really well executed in the dark tans, and makes use of a great selection of parts.

In order to grab the treasures of the natives, pirates aren`t above the use of a good rouse.

The jumping bike is greatly done as this lady enjoys a tour through the forest.

And so we have it, another 10 great builds.  See you again next week for more eye candy!

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