dinsdag 15 maart 2016

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

The second movie of the planned trilogy, based on the novels by James Dashner.

Now, the first one I saw in the theatre, and I didn`t like it at all, thinking it a souped down Hunger Games, so I was curious if the second part would redeem me and pull me back to the theatre in 2017 for the conclusion.


So after being rescued from the Mazes, the survivors find themselves in a secured facility.  Unfortunatly, it turns out they haven`t been "rescued' at all, and they are still in the clutches of WCKD. 
A small group of them decides to escape and look for the Right Arm, a group of resistance fighters battling with WKCD to end their terrorifying practices.  They cross the scorched earth to find them and battle off both the illness as it`s more or less surviving infected, hooking up with new allies along the way, while losing some of their own number.
But when they finally make contact, they are betrayed by Theresa and most of the survivors are caught, leaving Thomas and only a few of his friends and Right Arm fighters.  And they decide to battle WCKD and end the harvesting of a genome from the Immunes brain once and for all, as it is revealed they want to sacrifice a whole generation.


I won`t be going to the theatre.  This looks like an unwanted lovechild between Mad Max and The Hunger Games, resulting in something I even rate The Postman above.  Post apocalyptic Twilight if you may.  With zombies.
No, this wasn`t a film to my liking at all, and I feel the young cast can`t really "carry" the series (yet?), coming over flat and bland most of the time.
Probably for me the only `star` of the movie was... the scenery of the post apocalyptic world.


4 / 10

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