woensdag 30 maart 2016

Lego Justice League Cosmic Clash

The latest of the DC based original movies produced in Lego, Cosmic Clash is one of the better ones imho.

And it came with a Cosmic Boy limited edition figure, that this time actually had a part to play in the movie.


When the Justice League succesfully defends Earth from an attack by Brainiac, the highly evolved robot returns with a plan to take out the three biggest threats he sees to his plans: Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern.

Instead of attacking them, he scatters them through time, but he forgets one factor.  The one member of the Justice League without powers but with great intelligence, plans and gadgets.  Batman travels through time (with a Flash powered Batmobile) to recover the lost members and face Brainiac.

In the meantime, Cyborg defends Earth with the help of some JL reserve members... Supergirl, who fights in a very cheerleadering style.

But perhaps the coolest part is when all the JL members in the final confrontation with Brainiac pilot unique jetfighters... that combine Voltron style into a big robot!

God, I`d love if Lego actually made that, though I know it`ll never happen...


This was definitly one of the more `intense` of the Lego movies, compared to the slapstick of the two previous ones.  It has a taking along story, and some great input on the part of Batman and what drives him within the League.

Oh, and Buccaneer Batman, I`ll be glad when he comes out next month with the DK Book as a limited edition, he is just to awesome looking!

Rating: 7 / 10

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