zondag 6 maart 2016

Lego Supergave Ideeen book

While waiting to film the result of the very first give away here on this blog, I`m sharing my feels on the latest of the Lego ideas books.

This volume came out in november, and I received it from the GF for Valentine`s day, woop woop.  

It`s made in the same style as the previous two, coming with high quality pictures and a great glossy finish again.  this time, the book is divided in five `areas` in which we explore some techniques and styles to try a hand at yourself.

Those theme`s are Space, City, The Real World, A fairy land and the wild west.  Now, for a MOC builder with my area of intrests, the wild west and the fairy land (think the colourfull forests from the Minifigures Online game) are the most intresting, while the city has certain elements I can definitly use, like furnitures and plants.

Every chapter has a gallery of these smaller things to go with the chapter, like alien monsters in space for example.

It`s another great book to get some inspiration for, and some intresting angles on certain techniques, so it`s a good addition to any Legobrary once more!

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