maandag 28 maart 2016

Inspirational Lego #63

Hello all on this Easter monday, when everything here is closed but I still present you with some gorgeous pieces of eye candy I stumbled upon.

It might help digest the overdose of chocolate eggs that where stuffed down the past 24 hours ;-)

We`re starting the selection with this awesome Nidoking build from Pokemon, and it comes with a twist.  On the inside of his chest, it has an opening hatch for a pilot to take place, so that it doubles as a monstrous mecha as well.

The next build is this fantastic looking modern day ship, featuring a lot of details and great incorporation of hull markings.

This mosaic of a Minion is well executed and really captures the little yellow bugger`s facial expression.

Chibi is kind of a thing these days, with the MicroFighters and now also the micro superhero sets, but these little builds feature a lot of popular 80s and 90s cars.

A small build from Andromeda`s Gates, this build has excellent desert terrain and I love the plants.

Peter Pan has always been one of my favourite fairy tales, and this classic image of Hook is fantastically recreated.

Another Andromeda`s Gates build, the use of the pink and medium azure colours in this landscape really make it stand out.

Somebody really loves Uni-Kitty...

The final two builds this week are these representations of the TARDIS console room, the first based on the `clean and sterile` look of the older series, while the second resembles the mansion like interior of the Paul McGann movie.

And that is it again for this weeks selection, be sure to pop by again next monday for more gorgeous recreations in Lego!

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