zondag 13 maart 2016

Classic Lego Build: 8191 Lavatraz

In today`s build, I have a big set from the old Power Miners range to show.  As the name suggests, this was a prison to hold the big elementals the Miners encountered

Hauling from 2010, the range was a bit of a mixed cookie for me, on the one hand it had those fantastic rock creatures in all sizes, and on the other hand the whole series didn`t "do" it for me.  But I needed to have to beasts, so when I got the chance to pick this one up at a garage sale, I didn`t hesitate a moment.

Or rather, when my padawan aka mother phoned in they found this at a garage sale, credit where credit`s due.

The set comes with two jail operators in silver armour, with some great looking helmets, and a small rock elemental.

But also with this superduper cool big guy!

The first thing we are going to build is the turret.  This fires the blue balls by pressing the end, and is some sort of `lava creature neutralizer ammo`.

It also comes with a rack for additional ammunition.

The service vehicle is next on the list.  The range uses a good deal of lime green elements, as can be seen throughout the little shovel truck.

A seriously souped engine if you ask me...

The shovel is then attached to the bodywork.

As are the tools for mining, like dynamite and a cutter laser to smash those rocks.

The actual compound is then on the menu for the build.  This starts out by making a frame with some long red plates.

A push button is added in the middle.

Once the circumference of the compound is ready, we`ll be building up it`s height for accomodating the fencing.

This is done by lime green pillars, and large black fence pieces are then added in between them.

Including the button at the front which serves to lower the front side fence of the prison.

The crane is next, used to handle the large elemental.  The first thing of this build is the cockpit of that machine.

The mechanics for the crane itself are then added, in order to be able to move it around and swing the crane left to right.

Like a real industrial crane, the control section runs on a rail along the fence.

A very large claw is then added to the crane, this can snap open by using the rubber elements, and hold the large elemental in it`s grip without loosening.

We then move on to build the front section of the prison.  This is a raised up section where the miners can oversee the lock ups.

The red plates and crystal orange pieces help reinforcing the look that this is a base placed on a lava-like underground.

The platforms are then added, using the grilled plates for that once more make it look like a sort of industrial building from all your B-rated sci-fi flicks.

And it even comes with it`s own vending machine to buy a soda during the breaks...

The sections are then connected to each other

And the full build stands completed:

This is a nice set for `not so sleek` space settings if you ask me, where miners have stumbled on more then they wanted to chew, and I really like the vending machine inclusion.  But for me, the only appeal was for the elementals as I said in the beginning of this post.

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