zondag 20 maart 2016

The Haul Report #21

Hello all to another week of getting some cool stuff for my collection and MOC`s

This week has been a bit of a blast with the newest wave of Dimensions hitting the store, and I`m eager to finally have time tonight to have a go at the Midway Arcade pack.

But I also got the Stay Puft and the Aquaman packs.  Adam because he is needed in the game, and the marshmallow man because he is just damn cool, and the Terror Dog looks fantastic!  The chicken is just yet another one going in my trade box, I have quite a few of them already now :-s

Another great addition to my collection is the BluRay of the newest Lego DC cartoon, Justice League Cosmic Clash, which came with a limited edition figure.  This time it`s Cosmic Boy, and now it`s actually "inside" the box in a polybag instead of added at the front, to grant some extra protection from shoplifting the figure.

From the Czech Republic, I received a BL order with a heap of plates, to work further on Quinnsville in the coming months.

Through Minifigure Trading Online, I could do another exchange with one of my regular trading partners, sending him two s14 Wolf Guy`s and 2 s15 Sharks to get myself 4 additional Republican Soldiers.  The torso and the wig are things I really want, so I`m currently trading over there to this end.

I also bought the new 52 Harley Quinn in Canada through BL.  I really wanted this figure (she will also be my tattoo for 2017) but the whole set didn`t really intrest me, so I just bought her loose.

The final purchase of this week was through a Facebook group, getting me one more Winter Soldier and a Western Emmet.  I already have both of them (WS multiple times), but they are good trade tokens for the future as polybagged figures tend to get rather sought after.

So not a bad week at all again, see you all next week if I obtained some fresh goodies!

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