dinsdag 8 maart 2016

Lego Build: 40116 Invasion From Below

Okay, this has a bit of a strange naming, but the polybag that came with the Hero Factory Invasion from Below subline a few years ago, well, is just called Invasion from Below.

Still, it`s actually a rather cool exo suit...

Opening the bag, we get the instruction leaflet and a heap of parts.  The bag contains 22 parts, and the minifig.

This figure is actually build from a decent amount of parts himself, and I love both the head and the printed Hero Factory logo on him for future use.

The exosuit itself is based along the `central body` part to which arms and legs can be connected, it`s bigger cousin is often seen these days in the Star Wars buildable figures.

The arms and legs are added to the framework, and big feet go on the legs to allow for stability for the walker.

The hands and the central plating of the body are then connected to the framework.  This will hold the pilot as his seat, as small cannons are added to either side of his head.

The only thing left is to add two big swords, and the set stands completed:

And it also had some extra pieces:

I really like this little walker, even though I`m not a fan of Bionicle or Hero Factory.  But like exoforce, this has a sort of `mobile walker` anime feel to it.

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