donderdag 24 maart 2016

The Hunger Games - Mockingjay part 2

In part to a misunderstanding, in part due to a gazillion other things, it has taken far longer then I wanted to finally watch this conclusion of The Hunger Games series.

Now, I was disappointed in the previous instalment, and when I read the books of the first two after seeing the film, I decided for myself not to read this one before both movies had been seen to avoid any `meeugh` issues.


In this final instalment, Katniss, the Mockingjay, finds herself in the position of postergirl for the revolution organised around President Coin and Disctrict 13. 

They finally launch their assault on the Capitol, and in order to resist the attacks, President Snow changes it in one big arena with his Gamemakers.  Katniss is added to a `stars unit`, which would follow behind the main offensive to take some snappy pictures, joined by Finnick and a very unstable, recovering from indoctrination, Peeta. 

The team however runs into some traps (pods) and muds on their way to the presidential mansion, reducing their numbers faster then the bag of crisps on your lap.  When arriving at the mansion at last as last woman standing, she witnesses a bombing of all the children present by what appears a plane from Snow`s side, ending the war and the reign of Snow.

Scheduled for execution after making his confession to Katniss, and the fact Coin makes herself now president and wants to organise a Hunger Games herself, she realises Snow indeed didn`t ever lie to her, and she kills Coin on the parade of the victory, moments before Snow is torn apart by the mob. 

However, she is released (and eventually pardoned) as this resolution seems to have been orchestrated by Plutarch, and settles down to a nice and peacefull life with a recovered Peeta.


Okay, so even while it lasted over 2 hours, this movie felt like a fast speeding rollercoaster.  Like the first two, it seems the main thing is to survive an arena and this takes up most of the film`s running time.

Was it good?  Well, better then the previous one at least, and certainly better then the Maze Runner series still.  Was it the best movie I`ve seen so far this year?  No, not at all, but it was a good piece of entertainment, put your brain in `zero` modus and enjoy the spectacle

Rating: 6 / 10

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