maandag 21 maart 2016

Inspirational Lego #62

Heya all for another selection fo 10 fantastic and inspiring builds I came across the past days, and another varied selection for all those looking for ideas.

Or just for some eye candy...

We start of the week with this awesome model the Martini Racing Porsche 936, piloted by Rolf Stommelen.  This car participated at Le Mans amongst others.

The next build is this fantastic mosaic of a Hula girl, very colourful made using a lot of round tiles as well.

Talking mosaics, how awesome and nicely contrasting is this `8 bit castle`...

Another fantastic Aliens build has made it this week as well, don`t you love the cuteness of that facehugger?

Recreating covers from comics is a nice `sub niche` within the AFOL community, and always has a great standing out.

I know some `not Lego` company makes Stargate models, but this Goa`uld Glider is one hundred percent the genuine stuff, and it looks awesome.

The guards intervene in this assassination attempt, in a very stylishly build garden reminding of Game of Thrones.

Mars Mission might not have been the most iconic of space subtheme`s, but this three wheeled vehicle definilty looks the business.

A great microscale build of invading UFO over a cityscape brings back that awesome feel f the low budget B sci-fi movies of the 70s.

And we end the week with this nice cubehead Frankenstein, I adore the emotion laid in it`s `face` as it watches in the mirror.

So there we have it, some great builds again and I hope you like the selection!  Until next week, build on!

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