vrijdag 11 maart 2016

Versailles season 1

So it seems George Blagden day today on this blog, after we said ferwell to him this morning in the third season of Vikings, tonight the final episode of Versailles aired on television here.

Luckily it has been renewed for a second season, as this is a damn fine series.

Mixing intrigue, politics and betrayal, spiced up with the characters `going at it`, this is not a series for children, but heck, I past that phase some decades ago.

The series details the life of Louis XIV and how he decided to upgrade his hunting castle to the gloriuos palace Versailles is today.  Here he orders the nobles of France to join him, but in doing so he also `locks` himself in with those that are working to overthrow the monarchy.

On the other hand, his brother, Philippe of Orleans, leads the army to victory, only to have it snatched at the final moment from him by the King arranging a treaty, breaking their bond to unreparable damage, enforced when his wife dies due to poison to hurt the king as well. 

I can really recommend this series to annyone liking the great historical costume series, whom are `more or less` correct, being drama and not documentaries of course.  Great setting, awesome decors and some real strong performances (I personally preferred Philippe and Mr Marchal).

Now to wait more then a year for the second season *sigh*

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