vrijdag 25 maart 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6932 Stardefender 200

Today, we are going back to the year 1987 in our classic builds series, and take a look at a really cool set from the Futuron line back then.

The Stardefender 200 was in those days a medium sized set, and it came with a lot of cool `modular` gimmicks.

Add to that that I always loved the uniforms of Futuron, they sort of reminded me of the uniforms of Starfleet in the Wrath of Khan with the half white section, and this particular set came with two of the yellow spacemen.

The first thing we are building is a small recon buggy, that can be stowed in the back of the spaceship.  Nothing fancy being basically a plate with some wheels and a steering device.

The main body of the vessel is build around black plates and one of the `pit` elements that where preliquivalent in those days.

The white bodywork is then build up, including the two short wings where the auxiliary ships will be able to connect with.

Skids and small engines are attached to the bottom of the hull.

As we continue building up the main ship, we also include it`s two big cannons, one on each side of the central section.

To complete the central part, the large printed trans-dark blue canopy us placed on the vessel as well as some detailing.

The auxiliary vessels are two `pod` like vessels.  These are two small ships, build around a base of slopes.

We will remain using slopes to give them a rounded hull appearance, and one of the canopy / airlock pieces make up the front of them. 

The aft section is attached by a hatch element, so they can swivel open as well.

This pod is build a second time, but now mirrored to attach to the other side of the central vessel.

And the full set stands completed:

I loved this set as a kid, as it had all those play features and detachable smaller vessels.  Looking back after almost 30 years, I personally think it has well stood the test of time, and wouldn`t look amiss on any display shelf is Space is your thing, in or outside Lego even.

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