dinsdag 8 maart 2016

MOC: Sailors Beach

The latest module of Quinnsville to be licensed, this is a Medium scale `Commerce` for the game mechanics.

The beach, once barren on the WIP pictures, has evolved into a gathering and trading place, as sailors and merchants alike bring about their goods.

Other`s just come there for some rest and relaxation between taxing trade runs, and the constant threat of every voyage potentially being their last... though some might look a bit to deep into their cups.

Guarded by the local garisson, who maintains a small look out tower, the whole beach has swiftly transformed into a place where merchants can do their thing, carpenters repair small ships, and everyone just has some well deserved piece of mind... until the next call for sailors comes out!

And so the `western beach` plate of the Quinnsville project has been completed as well, as slowly and steadily the whole project nears it`s detailed tour of the city :-)

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