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Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List february 616 Vol 1 Issue 2

So this has been an intense months of sailing in the Brethren of the Brick Seas.  Want to join in the fun of Piratey Lego stories?  Hop over to the Eurobricks forum and sign up!

Personally, my ships didn`t bring in a lot of goodies, but at least I still have all my ships, considering the amount of pirating going on and a hurricane sweeping by.  At least I now have the Quinnsville contingency plan for securing income every month!

Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List
New Terra’s most reliable source for shipping news.
February 616. VOL 1 ISSUE 2

Editor’s Column:
We hope that every one of our regular readers is safe, unless they are a pirate, and in that case, we hope Hurricane Helga helped them meat Davey Jones. It has been a wild month in New Terra, the Civil War between our island and our mother country has grown larger, and more privateers are arriving here every day to harass Mardier’s shipping.  Then, the unexpected Hurricane coming in from as far away as Berelli, many of those same privateers ended up wrecked! It was a bad month for shipping because of this, with an unusual amount of ships foundering in the high seas and many forced back to port without completing their trading.

The other nations of the Madrice Peninsula have been busy! Corrington and Eslandola have claimed two newly discovered islands, while Oleon, Garvey, and even the Sea Rats have claimed one each! Rumor that more islands are being fought over at this moment! But you all are not reading this to hear about recent history; you want to know where to send your next ventures.

This is the section where we include the juiciest morsels of shipping information that we have gleaned from the taverns of Terraversa, that and the vilest slander and lies a pirate could tell! Use these tips at your own risk!

MAESTRO Destroyed! The almost famous Green Viking  Trade route met an infamous end rather quickly this month. Rumor has it that the small squadron sailed straight into Hurricane Helga, when the Knight of Stedor was lost in the swell. Fleeing the winds,  La Defensora had to fight off a pirate boarding at high seas, but  made it to New Terelli and made a profit. Unfortunately the Wringe I and  its escort, The Fallen Angel met up with the infamous pirate Zublious Van Wreck. The two vessels were last seen manned by prize crews on their way to the Nest of Thieves.  We can only assume that this is the end for the young trading company. We expect stocks in the MCTC to sky rocket now that their chief competitor is crushed.  We think that Elysabethtown will be sold to MAESTRO’s creditors, and once again the price on Apples will come back down to normal rates now that the company’s reign of terror in the fruit market is over!
Hurricane Helga claims much of the merchant fleet! Besides the Knight of Stedor,  Helga’s destruction of the merchant marine of New Terra has been devastated. Notable ships amongst the list:  Poseidon’s Wrath, The Mercator, and The Red Dragon,  we have no word of their crews.  Those ships effected by Helga in other ways included The Sphinx, the Stubborn Stern, The Valkyrie, and the Black Marlin. Some of those vessels were lucky to make a small profit, others were forced back to their original port.

Bad Weather in the southern regions of the Sea of Storms and Terraversa Sea! It is thought that with one hurricane, a second always follows. A witch doctor from Berelli has reported that they have seen the second, much more devastating hurricane in their divining drinks. This Hurricane, which will bring fourth their version of Poseidon, shall strike the waters of New Terra later this month. Stay north!  

The King of Oleon desires shrimp wine. From Granoleon we are hearing that the King has a condition that leaves his desire for shrimp wine simply unsatiated.  Shrimp wine, that nasty juice priests use in rituals, is a rare commodity, especially when its main ingredient, the shrimp grape only grows in the tropics. Perhaps some entrepreneurial souls will take on the task to quench the king’s thirst?

The Queen still desires Bananas!  With her pregnancy causing all sort of problems, one thing remains constant, The Queen of Corrington’s desire for Bananas.   Luckily, Terraversa is full of such wonderful delights. An enterprising merchant may find a tidy profit in a quick run between this island and Belson.  But I wouldn’t stop anywhere in between, the Queen in hungry and Bananas do not stay ripe forever!

Letter to the Editor from Sir Richark Star,  of Corrington.
Dear Fool, Her Majesty, Queen Annetta, is in perfect health, without child. Her purity is a model for any man or woman of this world. Her love for humanity and her subjects knows no end, and she has no time for courting at this moment. Corrington grows faster and stronger every day, and the Queen has a few years before she needs to be thinking about an heir.  Her time is spent strategizing the best way to crush Oleon and dispensing judgment against those like you who personally attack her. If you ever step foot  on Corrington soil, prepare to duel!

Our response: It looks like we have found the father of the Crown Prince or Princess.

Corrington Ship caught twice, not so lucky the second time! The famed Merry Lyric convoy, the richest of all convoys, came under heavy attack this month, with ships turning back in the midst of a hurricane; those who trudged on were target of numerous pirates. For some reason the Sphinx found itself in trouble more than once, each time the HMS Mermaid came to its rescue. The First time, against the Garvey Privateer The Wisper. The Mermaid was boarded and captured,  and then crewed with a prize crew right away. The two ships fought against the convoy’s other two escorts, the HMS Bull Shark and HMS Pandora. The Pandora took down the privateer, and the Bull Shark caught, boarded, and retook the Mermaid.  

But that was not all the action, later on near Terraversa, the pirate “Friends Forever” attacked the Sphinx again, the Mermaid came to protect her, but surrendered after receiving a few heavy broadsides from  Friends Forever.  She struck her colors, and before the Bull Shark could catch her again, she slipped away in the night. Pandora was able to subdue the Friends Forever with a few broadsides and brought her into New Terrelli.  If you are part of the Corrington Navy, you must have to wonder about Captain Jack Tallyand’s ability to command – losing the ship twice, and now a prisoner, most likely in Bastion, he probably isn’t getting a seat at the admiralty board anytime soon. If you are an Oleander, you probably thought this was the logical outcome for a Corlander warship.

Ships Captured:
Fallen Angel and Wringe I (Both ESL) by pirate Zublious Van Wreck in the Ghost Harvester
La Oleon (Class 3A) captured by Sea Rat escort, The Viper (SR)
Mardier privavateer Lover’s Quarrel (Class 4A), taken by the HMS Mars (COR)
Pirate Butcher’s Baby (Class 3A) taken by HMS Queens Glory (COR)
Pirate The Clear Conscience (Class 1A) taken by the Travoa (ESL)
Pirate Poseidon’s Breath (Class 2A) Taken by HMS ELtina (OL)
Unknown origin ship, Great Scott (Class 3A) captured by White Skull (SR)
Notorious pirate, Val Gibbons and his ship The Roach (Class 5LA) taken by the HMS Granoleon (OL)
The Garvey privateer Wisper (Class 4A) taken by the HMS Pandora (COR)
Pirate Holder’s Secret (Class 2A) taken by Queen of Terrelli (ESL)
Vessel of unknown origin, Blessed Angel (Class 4A) taken by King of Mardier (ESL)
Unknown origin vessel Shadow (Class 1A) Taken by HMS Pandora (COR)
Pirate Puffin’s Curse (Class 3A) taken by HMS Granoleon (OL)
HMS Mermaid (Class 5HA) (COR) taken by pirate Daniel Doblinhue’s Friends Forever
Friends Forever, sans Dobinhue, (Class 4A) captured by HMS Pandora (COR)
Oleon trader La Cell captured by Madrice Privateer L’Olius in the Crooked Sparrow

Shipping Lists:
Here is this month’s shipping list.

This month we have given you a “snapshot”  view of every ship. Last month we gave a “peek view” at the different ports.  Whichever the readers like better will be the style we continue in the next issue. 


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