zondag 13 maart 2016

Mark Your Calendars!

Today, I can give you the flyers for two more Lego events coming up.

The first one is our very own Brick Mania Liege.  

The 2016 edition has been `shuffled` a bit forward on the calendar, moving from December to May, and due to the huge success of it`s first edition last year has also moved to a bigger venue (only a few clecks away from last years location).

I probably will be attending this one, it`s all still hanging a bit in the balance with the agenda and the transporation, but I`m doing my best to make it.

The second event I got a flyer from today is the Expo 100% Lego, which will take place the last weekend of april in the french town of Mennecy (about 30 kilometres south of Paris-Notre-Dame).  I won`t be able to make that one, but if you are looking to do something that (holiday weekend overhere) weekend, this might be a good tip.

Hope you find something to your liking, and make sure to share those pictures you might take overthere :-)

Editor`s Note: want some small publicity for local events near you?  No matter where they are actually located in the world?  Just drop me a line through the contact button at the left of this blog, through my Facebook, or my Twitter, and I`ll add it without any problem to the blog.

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