zondag 27 maart 2016

Lego Build: 40202 Easter Chick

Happy Easter everyone, and what better day then today to build the seasonal set for this year, the Easter Chick.

These little sets tend to be available in theory for 2 - 3 months, but if you`re not fast, they are usually gone within a day in the store and you can wait for a hopefully restock.  Which is why I always get them through S@H just to be safe then sorry.

Opening the box, we get the instruction booklet and two bags of parts in predominantly both the yellow tones in the current Lego range.

The central body is the first thing we will be assembling, starting from a 4x4 yellow plate.

Using slopes, this is `fluffed` out a bit.

The connectors at the front will be for attaching the belly of the little chick, as the build has a nicely rounded out shape.

The belly itself makes use of some yellow curved pieces and is then attached to the body.

The little wings are simple, mirrored affairs, and then attached to the side of the body.

Next up is the head of the bird.  Using inverted roof elements, they give the little guy nice `fat` cheecks.

The use of teeth pieces makes it look like little plumes hanging on the head.

It`s pretty cool there is a slight opening between the under and uppersides of the beak, and it has those big eyes that make it look all innocent.

The head is then attached to the body.

The final section we are building are the feet of the chick.  This starts out on a white plate.

This cornered tile piece was something I hadn`t seen before, but I like this a LOT.

Small orange feet are then added to the underside and all we need to do is connect it to the body.

And the full set stands completed:

Now, for a seasonal, you get a very limited amount of extra parts though:

I really love this set, and the GF`s reaction when she came in yesterday afternoon when I had put it together was "ooooh, that`s sweet", so yes, this is a very nice set indeed!

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