maandag 7 maart 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6808 Galaxy Trekkor

Today`s build is one of the smaller sets from the classic Space range, a 24 part `spaceship` from 1987.

The Galaxy Trekkor does have some good things going for it though, considering that nowadays it would be a polybag set in all probability.

The first being of course Benny`s `ancestor` with an original blue spaceman.

The base of the little vessel are two round black plates, upon which a white palte is placed.  A coneholder is then put in front of that to make the nose of the little vessel.

Hingepieces are added to the side of the vessel, as the pilot chair is installed.

The printed control console is added to slope, as red transparent pieces are added to the side and front.  At the rear, a small engine construction is placed.

Power tubings and the small playfeature of this set, the swivelling wings, are then added.

And the little set stands completed:

Form all those small Space sets you had 30 or so years ago, this one always was one of my more liked ones.  For a 9 year old, growing up with action figures and saturday morning cartoons, this was like a small vessel for a hero to fly around.  And the limited transformation helped a lot back then as well ;-)

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