zaterdag 26 maart 2016

Jupiter Ascending

When trailers for this movie first hit theatre`s back in 2014, I was in awe with the newest work of the Wachowski siblings.

But then it got pushed back and back and back, and that`s never a good sign...


The movie starts with a russian immigrant family of the girl Jupiter Jones.  Unaware there is life off Earth, she goes on with her day to day life until she suddenly is attacked by aliens.  A strange guy comes to her rescue, and takes her along, revealing that not only did humanity spawn off Earth originally, but that she is also a Queen and owner of Earth.

Together with Caine (this mysterious warrior) and his pall Stinger, she faces off against the manipulations of the three Balem siblings, each wanting her hand and title to rule the family caste.  In the end, he manages to overcome them all and return to her family, their memories wiped from the events but Jupiter still nowing she is Queen of the world and dating Caine now.


This movie fell through heavily at the box office, and I can rather understand why.  For a movie that long, it could have it`s whole storyline narrowed into a single issue comic.  Basically, it`s damsel gets in trouble and pet soldier does stunts to save her time and again.

Now on the other hand, the effects, decors and aliens are fantastic pieces of work, so it is a visually stunning movie.  Just not a very good one...

Rating: 5.5 / 10

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