zaterdag 5 maart 2016

The Shannara Chronicles

Nope.  Doesn`t rock my boat.  Not that this is a bad series per se, but it just didn`t hit me personally with the right touches.

The series, set loosely in the book The Elfstones of Shannara, follows a storyline apparently set in a post apocalyptic world that turned into a medieval one, with elves, orcs, humans etc etc.  It even has a small sequence from Star Trek in it as they discover the past.

The lands of this realm are connected by an ancient tree, the Ellcrys, which guards the forbidden realm.  But when the tree gets sick, demons start to escape and wreak havoc.  Amberle is a female chosen and gets charged with the burden to save the realm, together with a young elven druid Will and the human thief Eretria.

The tale takes them on a quest not only to learn themselves and each other better, but to discover the connection between Amberle and the Ellcrys.  While they are on the quest, the elven kingdom itself is infiltrated by the forces of darkness, including the assassination of the king and replacing him with a shapeshifter, in order to have the people of Shannara wage war on each other and break the last remaining powers of the ancient tree. 

But I didn`t like the look of the series personally, being in the lines of movies and series like Twilight or Reign.  Only well looking people, and the whole setting looks to `clean` opposed to other works like Game of Thrones, The Tudors, even Versailles.  This makes it look for me a bit too much as a teens romance series and not a fantasy story series. 

And that is even including John Rhys-Davies or `that guy you see in every series but can`t exactly name`, James Remar (Lord Raiden for one from the Mortal Kombat series).

So is this worth it to watch?  Yes if you look for some light entertainment, no if you love your fantasy or historical series a bit more `raw`.  
Does it deserve a second season?  I would say a carefull yes.  It has some unanswered questions after the finale of the 10 episode series, but I confess I can`t say I`ll be checking the calendar every day to see just how long the wait still is...

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